Month: November 2015

Staying Safe during Winter Runs


Beautiful sunset at 6:30 p m

I love Fall and Winter.  Leaves are changing color, the temps are milder, and some of my favorite holidays are happening.  However , it is also the time of year that runners, cyclists, and walkers have less daylight.  As the sunsets earlier and some of us have to be doing workouts in the dark, safety is a priority.  

1.  Don’t wear black, you blend.  Don’t wear white either, you still won’t be seen.  Wear reflective clothing-lots of clothes out there  are reflective.  There are even LCD vests and jackets.  Try them out most are lightweight.  

2.  Headlamp.  It’s dark people which means there’s  a good chance that not only will you not be seen, but you may miss a hazard that you could’ve avoided.  Better safe than bloody knees.



3.  Run with a buddy.  Running alone, especially for women, is dangerous.  It could be a nice neighborhood and you could still be attacked.  Don’t chance it.

4.  Headphones are a big no-no.  You have to be aware of your surroundings always.  If you can’t run without music,get speakers or wear only one earpiece.  That way you are aware of cars or other threats.

5.  Weather hazards.  It’s dark, it’s snowing and sleety.  Watch your step-ice!  There are shoes that have grips on them to make this possible.  Luckily in Florida we only have rain but that can be slippery too.  Be careful.

6.  Be aware of vehicles.  They are not aware of you whether because they are distracted or just don’t see you(see #1).  Stay off the road if possible.  

7.  Rural hazards.  Okay so you’re on a trail or county road, safety needs to be addressed too.  Animals can pose a safety issue too.  Mace is your friend, carry it with you.  Better than a stick in some cases.

8.  Know your surroundings.  Don’t try a new route.  Unfamiliar surroundings may pose various obstacles, including animals.  Know where you are if you need to cut your exercise short.

9.  Alert loved ones where you will be.  There are several apps including Road ID which allow family and friends to know where you are.  Many of these apps are free.

10.  Always carry your phone.  Just in case.  I know I never leave home without mine.

All these hazards are real.  Careful planning can make your exercise regime enjoyable throughout the Winter months.  Get out there and enjoy it!

Remember it’s not just about the destination, it’s about the journey.

Always Looking In

Blogger Note** irritable cranky injured runner wrote this-she is usually more upbeat. 

I am a Girls on the Run coach in my spare time, did you know?  I love being a coach!  It’s so much fun to get these young 3rd-5th grade girls excited about running, becoming confident about themselves, and being able to express themselves freely.  It’s been rewarding for several seasons and the lessons are so relevant-self image, cooperating, feeling grateful,etc.

There’s just one lesson that’s always hard to hear/ teach…choosing one’s friends.   Be positive, you don’t have to like everyone, be with people who make you feel good, and so on…  As an outsider this hurts to hear.  As long as I can remember I have been that girl-loner.  At school I was always picked last( no hand eye coordination), my friends were books (that way my feelings couldn’t get hurt), I had one or two friends.  Maybe it was my ADD , I’m too sensitive, or only child syndrome but I always felt like an outsider.  Still do.

Then I go to a group run for Jax Galloway,  I see my BRF’s, come home to curl up with my husband, pick up my boys from school, talk to my mom or dad; I realize I’m beyond blessed.  I have people who love me and accept me with all my flaws.  I have people who are happy to see me and talk to me, who care what I think and  are interested about my day.  I have a support system.  

People who feel like an outsider, whose life is more like the basket case character from the movie The Breakfast Club than one of the friends from the sitcom Friends, hang in there-“…each man’s life touches so many other lives.”(thank you Clarence, Angel second class from the movie It’s a Wonderful Life).   I think I have.

Words everyone should live by


Too True

Remember it’s not just about the destination, it’s about the journey, 


Injury Update

Five weeks ago I had a dramatic non running related injury that I’ve never encountered-a broken foot.  It has been life altering for an independent athletic person.  I’ve had to ask for help caring my school bag, opening doors, doing everyday mundane things that I took for granted before.  Nothing is more humbling than asking for help.

Then there is the running…

Or lack of running, biking, cycling, swimming, rowing-anything!  All of my planned Fall races, uh no.  Running MCM 10k, I got my bib and shirt but no go.  It’s been extremely disappointing. As well as frustrating.  I am starting to feel “fluffy” as a good running friend who is also injured stated.  I don’t like that so I’m not eating like a marathoner anymore.


Aren’t the Fall leaves pretty? yeah i’ m just seeing that boot too

This past Monday I went back to Southeast Orthopedic and was told better news-break is healing but swelling needs to go down further.  Keep icing 2x’s a day and wear compression stockings for day use and then THE BEST news… I am allowed to swim!!  So back in the pool(indoor) and glad to be-I was starting to get a bit cranky.  I am only allowed to swim freestyle because my  feet should only be moving up and down not side to side.  Doctor’s orders so I go with it.  The most I’ve swam is 400m but I’m just glad I can.  Next time I see the doctor, which will be in 3 weeks,hopefully I will be off the boot & scooter for good.  Pray for me! 
It’s not just about the destination but the journey,


What We’ve Learned

One week ago today…dreams were dashed.  


Now  as we focus on this week-

guess what’s on ESPN…the NY Marathon.  Yep, Another big city marathon.

1st of all, I would probably never run this race because it starts too late(9:42 a m) and it’s too expensive for my teacher salary.  However I was struck by the scenery and I felt homesick for my adopted town.  And of course it’s exciting to cheer the wheelchair and elite participants!  Then of course it was bittersweet for my husband Chris watching it so I felt bad for him.  So many conflicting feelings.  Then I got to thinking, what did we learn from last week?

So here are some random thoughts I ‘ve had this week..,

It’s okay to feel anxiety.

All week long my husband was on edge about running on Saturday-would he feel comfortable or be self conscious about it?

Real running friends don’t judge.

Everyone knows people have bad days and good days.  Sometimes your running goals are waylaid by something out of your control.  Real friends understand and encourage, not put you down.

Talk about it. 

Talk, talk, talk to a sympathetic ear; it will relieve the stress of the situation.  Putting into words what you are feeling will help you-it feels like a burden has been lifted from your shoulders.

Make future goals.

Looking down the months to another race will keep you focused.  Move on past the bad race and set your sights on another one.  Chris is talking about running the Jax Bank Marathon in January and of course the 26.2 with Donna in February.

Positive thoughts, positive vibes. 

You’ve done it before, of course you can conquer this distance again.  Smile, encourage, laugh.  One bad race doesn’t have to define you.  Overcome and persevere. You’ll come out stronger and better next time.

Remember it’s about the journey not just the destination,