Surviving Spring runs/races

I can’t catch my breath but I’m smiling.

Pollen, oak tree tassels, yellow snow in FL…spring brings the worst weather for us folks with allergies. Our eyes itch, our noses run, and it hurts to cough. This sounds awful for a regular person, but now from the perspective of an active person-it’s absolute torture! For instance today during the St Paddy’s Day 10k through the Evergreen Cemetery, I ran hard, and then couldn’t catch my breath when I finished(not because I ran too hard)-oak tassels we’re all over the course. Damn allergies. So what can you do if you’re active outdoors?

Treadmill running? No way!

You dealing with allergies? Check these suggestions out.

  • Over the counter medication. A lot of people swear by Zyrtec or Claritin to help them get through the worst of allergy season. I have never dealt with allergies until recently , but my husband and youngest use these medicines and it really helps.
  • Check the pollen forecast. If it calls for high pollen/ragweed counts plan on working out inside if you’re really susceptible to itchy eyes and trouble breathing. Low or moderate counts might be workable. It depends how severe your allergy triggers might be. I can work around it, but a BRF who suffers from asthma struggles.
  • When you should workout. Pollen counts are lowest during early morning and late afternoon/early evening. Plan on your workouts during those peak times.
  • Other options. Try a face mask if you’re only time to workout out is during mid morning or afternoon. The face mask should filter out pollens.
  • By early Summer… most of these symptoms should subside, and people can return to their normal activities.

Remember this too shall pass and you have all Summer and Fall to get out there. It’s tough but so worth it.

Even after not being able to breathe and feeling dizzy, I still managed to get an AG award.

I hope everyone has a great Spring training season and gets through allergies. If you have another suggestion, let me know so we all benefit.

Remember it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey ,


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