Month: August 2018

SBR and beyond

Today was one of my best Summer Beach Runs. Period, exclamation point. Everything clicked, I felt fabulous, I could eat the tacos at the post race celebration! This hasn’t happened in at least 5 years of running this 5 miler. Rewind my Saturday day reel to this morning…I was not in my happy place. I forgot my group sign, people were gathered in their group cliques, everybody looked cute as a super hero. I felt like Megamind: alone and annoyed. Oh yeah, I dressed like a villain-no wonder. Then our Galloway directors were talking about tempo runs; okay-so I gave it a go. Except my group decided to do all 5 miles as a tempo run-I’m going to die!

Really rewind back to Thursday. I needed 5 miles. I was stressed at school with rituals and routines, worried about my husband, and worried about my oldest moving out of state. So that afternoon, I laced up my shoes and went for a afternoon run. I hated everything: the heat, drivers who wouldn’t let me cross in the crosswalk even though I had the walk signal, the sidewalk lip, sweating…but when I got home I was at peace. Everything was right in the world. That’s the beauty of a run, swim, or whatever you do to exercise. It puts everything in perspective.

As annoyed as I was with this damn tempo run this morning at UNF, at the end I felt my mood lighten. Thank you my lovely Jax Galloway group!

Tempo run…done!

So today, I made a deal with myself for SBR. I would run /walk/run it, I would not worry about AG placement but trying to get 50 minutes, and just enjoy the act of running. I can’t compare myself to other runners in races because I don’t know where they are coming from. I have only been running for 10 years-it’s okay if my performance is not always stellar. Just like Thursday, sometimes run suck! It’s a tiny setback that you can rebound from with the next workout.

So talking about an awesome run…I smiled, I waved, and thanked the volunteers passing out water. A. runner friend was having a difficult race so I told her to smile, it relaxes you. Maybe that’s why I felt like I was floating down the beach. The worst part was the soft sand at the end before the boardwalk-extra walk opportunity. Then…done with a grin from ear to ear.

Ta-da! I love running

Will every run be like today? Probably not, but any mind tricks to help; yep I’ll take it. No matter how crazy or stressful my life can be; I know I can fall back on my runs to make things all better.

Remember it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey,


Nutrition and What’s Right for You.

(I am not a dietician , this article is based on my past experience. Please consult a registered nutritionist for your own specialized nutritional needs).

I have run several marathons, countless half marathons, and one ultra, so I know what I need . However, what works one day may not work another. I remember when I first started running, I attended a Running Camp up in Fernandina with Coach B. We talked about gait(he filmed us running on the track), we talked about shoes(I overpronate), and we talked about clothing(wicking, not cotton including socks). We did not focus that much on nutrition. He told us that we didn’t need to eat if we were running 7 miles or less. Okay sounds simple. So my first half marathon(Outback Thanksgiving Classic), I ate breakfast because 13.1 was longer than 7 miles, but took in no nutrition during the race. At mile 10 I slammed into that wall and only kept going because I was too stubborn to quit. Fast forward to August 18, 2018; long run of 12 miles and I ate no breakfast(first mistake), and then after running 4 speedy miles I ate 10 chews. I felt fine for 6 miles and then…CRASH! I felt queasy, I got chilled, and I felt dizzy. I ended running 30 seconds and walking 90 seconds for the last 2 miles. Dumb. I should know better. I tested my limits and lost.

My awesome Jax Galloway group. I was feeling good. Just wait.

Ever since I made a decision to run and get or stay in shape, I’ve kept several food logs. I monitor everything I eat or drink. I don’t monitor calories or fat or sugar contents. I just pay attention to servings. My running nutrition has changed even though my breakfasts don’t. I drink half a glass of oj ,one banana with nut butter, and a Greek yogurt. Before a long run; I’ve eaten toast and nut butter, oatmeal, or a clif bar. Now I eat a Honey Stinger waffle before a long run. Everything else makes my stomach angry. My nutrition when running has also changed. I tried GU and promptly threw it up(chocolate is the worst), so even though most races offer it, I don’t take it. Sports Beans? Yep and then no! Upset stomach and because there is caffeine in some beans, I had a really bad reaction. Human Chia? Consistency like baby food but upsets my stomach like GU. Strike out. Then BCAA’s. Love those! But not enough calories to keep me running strong. Tailwind? Again not enough to keep me strong. Then…Honey Stingers. Yay! My newest go to nutrition. Does not upset my stomach and every 45 minutes I take 3-4 chews to keep the lactic acid from cramping up my legs. Unlike today-oy!

Don’t forget to hydrate too!

One thing I’ve noticed is my nutritional needs have changed as I get older. I get hungrier now. Running on an empty stomach sometimes gets me queasy or feeling lethargic. Pasta or rice does not give me that much needed boost. Pizza however(if I don’t have meat on it) does. It’s weird how our bodies change. You just have to figure out what works for you. There are so many fad diets, foods that are “good” or “power” foods(kale or beets or almonds), and websites or magazines that tout what every athlete need to include in their daily diet. Find what works for you. Talk to your doctor and get their opinion. Read and get informed. It’s your body, feed it.(wisely).

I’ve been feeling rundown lately, so time to talk to my doctor and see what’s going on. Hormonal? Iron deficiency? Or something else? We’ll see.

Remember it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey,


13.1, 26.2, 50k…any long runs in Summer can be overcome

It’s mile 10 and the sun is up, the humidity is high, and your sweat glistens so much it looks like you’re sparkling. It’s only 7:30 a.m., but you’ve been up since 4:00. Your tank is so wet, you could wring it out and still feel clammy. Your socks are also wet and squishing inside your shoes but you’ve run through no puddles. Your tastebuds are tired of sweet gels or chews and just wants something savory. Your hat is dripping and your shorts look like you’ve been through a freak rainstorm. And then you realize you still have more miles to run. Sound familiar? Welcome to the wonderful world of getting ready for Fall/Winter half marathon or marathon or ultra training. Who’s up for the challenge? Enthusiastically you signed up for these races back in February, March, or May thinking these races would be fun! You conveniently forgot you would be doing most of your training during Summer. These are not the gentle Summers of your childhood(it was never this hot back then), these are the new Summer reality(volcanic, molten lava heat), and you’re running in it. Water is not quenching your thirst, so try Nuun or Gatorade or Tailwind or BCAA’s. You need to stay hydrated.

I don’t sweat, I sparkle when I run.

So how do you get through these training runs? One week at a time. You have your training log or excel sheet looking at each week strategically. You know if you miss a long run, you have to make it up somewhere, sometime. Only 10% increase of distance per week. And remember if the heat is at dangerous levels outside, opt for the treadmill especially if you are susceptible to heat related illness or the ozone related air pollution. Signs to look for: not sweating, dizzy , nauseous, or disoriented are some of the symptoms. Stop(doesn’t matter if you’re done or not) and get medical attention! Remember you getting through this training season healthy is more important than trying to get that long run done or speed work done or any workout for that matter.

I use the Galloway run walk run method for all my training runs(90/30). If it gets above a certain temperature, it’s perfectly okay to take more walk breaks and slow down. Remember you’re trying to get use to distance on your legs unless you are trying for a specific time goal. Practice race pace for shorter mileage. For instance, our Jax Galloway group will be running a 5 miler with 2 miles at race pace and the 3 miles at our regular training pace. Try it out.

Can you see the chafing? Yeah neither could I.

Heat and chafing seem to go hand in hand this training season. I remember the first time I chafed was at the Jax Marine Corps half marathon in October(cooler weather-ha!). I was wearing my favorite green JU performance shorts and I got to the finish line drenched and with a bleeding belly-ouch! These were shorts I had run in before. So my best friends are now Glide or Gold Bond Friction Defense before a run. But what happens if you still chafe because your sparkle wipes it off? Think babies. What do babies use for diaper rash? Desitin or Boudreaux butt paste or A+D of course. I’ve been having issues with my shirts and under my arms-ouch!

My training for my 50k is progressing slowly but I am at least up to 13 miles. I have a long way to go , but I know I can get there if I train smart throughout the long hot Summer(how come that sounds sexy until you have to run in it? Hmm.). See you out there!

Remember it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey,