Month: September 2018

What I learned by being on a Relay TRI Team

Always having fun

As a runner, I train with a running group on Saturdays but do most of my weekly mileage alone. I make my own goals based on what races I’ve signed up for, do the workouts, and log them into my training log. Very much about me, not we. Training for TRI’s and it’s the same thing except 3 venues instead of 1. I swim sometimes with BRF’s who are also training for a TRI, cycle, and of course run. However it’s all about me not we. Being an athlete can be so solitary sometimes. Not complaining, just a fact.


A new beach Tri came to town, and things changed dramatically. Okay, let me start off by saying, I am no swimmer. However with lots of work and being taught by two expert swimmers(Chris and Connie) and reading a lot and using what I read, I became a bit more comfortable in the water. Specifically the pool. Open water…it’s scary. Have I swam in the ocean? Yes. Did I like it? Uh…when it’s calm. Lake? Much better. However this beach TRI is not a lake, so I’m going to need a swimming friend. And luckily this TRI has a relay option.

Jax Galloway TRI team

Well now I have training company. So Chris will swim and I’ll do the bike and run. So time on the bike is needed with an emphasis on Wonderwood bridge since that’s the bike course. Okay for all you helicopter parents out there…let your kid experience stuff . My parents(my mom really) we’re always worried of me being hit by a car, drowning, kidnappers so they sheltered me in a big way. It was so bad, I could only ride my bike on the back lanai. The first time I got grounded for life, I rode my cousin’s bike to the park(2 blocks over). Yes, that bad. So I’m okay with flat and fast, but not down and fast. So I practiced with friends to gain confidence. And practice. Long story, I did better than expected because I trained with my BRF’s.

Why yes, biking can be fun if I don’t take out a cone.

So day of the race is here, Aquaman is ready. The ocean looks rough and I’m so thankful I am doing that part. Chris on the other hand loves it! 800m(½ mile) is no joke. So when participating on a relay team, part of the race is out of your control. You are hoping your teammate(s) have a good portion in their race and just wait to be tagged. All the relay teams around me were long gone when Chris(aqua man) showed up. He wanted to be out there as long as possible-go figure. Now it was my turn to race and his turn to wait and snap pictures. The bike was glorious! Thank God no jitters. Then the run. That’s when 90/30’s came in handy, September in Florida is still hot!

Now I’m doing a part of the race that comes natural.

Then I’m done! Next year more TRI’s and Chris wants to even try HOT! I think these TRI’s are starting to become part of the Smith’s healthy regime. Hope to see you out there too! Start small.

Remember it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey,


I’m okay, really.

So…how are you people ask, and they expect you to answer …”fine how are you?” Except when you’re not. You smile and go about your day with doubt and self loathing because you lied and said you’re fine and you’re not. There I said it. I am NOT fine. Okay before you go, my God what is the matter? Can I help? Do you need to talk? Etc. I want you to know that I’ve come to terms with not being fine, and I just need to kick my butt and get to my doctor. No, I have not called him because I thought this problem would fix itself. But it’s the middle of September and I have only been able to run 14 miles, it’s a struggle, my speed is zilch, I feel like death after I finish, and I dread going out there.

I love my positive Jax Galloway group.

So…no 50k. But I’m okay with it, really. I never like to go and do something without being 100% prepared. I give it my all or I don’t do it. So…I still have time for Space Coast Marathon and Ameris Marathon. Those are still on the radar. I just need to fix me. I guess I’m like my grandfather, who never liked going to the doctor. However, in order to fix me I need to take the first step. I’m not doing my training group any favors by being the weakest link. So this Monday, calling. I’m hoping it’s an easy and clear cut diagnosis. And something that doesn’t interfere with the things I love to do. Stay tuned, hopefully this is the beginning of a beautiful ending of a bad training cycle.

Remember it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey,


Who’s ready to run Zooma Florida?

What a beautiful ocean view from Amelia Island.

It’s September and the temperatures and humidity are still oppressive. Still you are out there training through the heat. Mile 10! Okay, 2 ½ extra to go. Time to walk. That’s where my half marathon mileage is currently. My goal is 14-15 miles. If you have a time goal, Jeff Galloway recommends going over the distance you are running. I will be running 13.1. This year my goal is to break 2:00 hours. I am crossing my fingers that I stay healthy and injury free.

Zooma Florida weekend is one I look forward to, October 19th and 20th. Can you believe last year was the first time I experienced this fun race that’s practically in Duval County’s backyard)?! It’s true. I had heard other friends talk about it but never had given it a try. Let me tell you, I’m glad I did! Even though I had stomach issues and ran a lot slower than I planned. The expo, the race course, the finish celebration, and of course the swag were awesome treats to runners who appreciate detail and quality in a race.

This year there is a 5k on Friday, a 12k or half marathon on Saturday, or sign up for the Zooma challenge and complete the 5k and one of the longer distances. That’s what I’m doing because I love a good challenge. Weather should have a hint of cooler temps and Fernandina Beach/Amelia Island never disappoints with gorgeous views.

Now back to training. See you in October!

I love running in Florida…I love running in Florida…

Remember it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey,