Month: February 2019

The many faces of a tired runner

It’s February…cold weather, no humidity, long sleeves and leggings, PR’s except in Florida. In Florida, February is a toss up between pollen, humidity, above average temperatures, and spring like weather. In other words, the suck factor for runners is high. Does that mean treadmill? No. We embrace the suck and become running badasses. We wear it like a badge of honor. Case in point , the 41st Ortega River Run. A tune up race for the Gate River Run. It’s been warmer than normal the last couple of years. It’s also a Grand Prix Race. As a JTC race team member, I sign up. I love the neighborhood and the race support along with the after race festival. Do I have a chance to score an AG group win? Nope. We have some super fast ladies in my AG. Do I still try for top 10? Yep. So 8:30 a m I tow the line and go for it. This year we have fog but we also start with 72 degrees. God help us. 2 bridges: 1 flat and 1 not. Hills, and people and more people, but the medal is worth it.

Here are some pictures…

Before. We look good.

And so the trek begins.

Death and finish line-never let them see your death mask

Thank God! I will now collapse. Give me my medal and water.

I’m totally faking that smile.

Done for another year. Will I be back? Of course! Misery loves company so runners will suffer together. Gate River Run 13 days and counting. I can do this, I am a Florida runner.

Remember it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey,


Teens and their love hate relationship with running

He loves running.

He hates me and he hates running more.

Have you ever tried training your teen to run the Gate River Run 15k or for that matter any race longer than a couple of feet? It is fun and inspirational one day, and a death march and complain fest the next. I am on week 8 on GRR training with my 14 year old (I actually was also training my 12 year old but he just couldn’t bear to run with such slow runners-whatever!), and we’re on 5 miles of running. Each week brings a new adventure. “…my foot hurts!”(you tied your shoelaces too tight), “…my knee hurts!…”(try biofreeze before we run), “…my chest hurts!…”(it’s a cramp, let’s walk until you feel better)-a million aches and pains. What I mainly do to keep his mind off of his ailments is talk about things he’s interested in. This way his mind is off all of his discomforts. So gradually, week by week we have gone from 2 miles to 3 and then 4 all using Galloway run walk 30/30. I tried 45/30 one time and he protested so much I decided 30/30 at 13:00 pace might be right where he needs to be. After all this is the farthest he’s ever gone. I think he generally likes running with me because he gets me all to himself(he has 4 brothers). But he likes to be in control(typical type A runner mentality) of the course. We always go left. Don’t you want to go towards Baymeadows Rd? No. Why not? No. I’ve stopped trying and just go his way. If he gets through the run and doesn’t gripe, it’s all good.

Mom, I really hate bridges!

I broke the news to him that he has to run bridge work. Why? Well, we run over the Main St Bridge and then towards the end the Hart Bridge. WTH mom?! Teenagers memories are so short! He always hears me talking about the Green Monster. Oh bother. So we ran over the Main Street. “Oh crap mom! It’s so high!” Look straight ahead, don’t look down. I tell him about the grating-he is paralyzed with fear. Great. Well time to practice on grating. Not a lot of choices but luckily the Ortega River Bridge has grating so we go over it twice and he feels better about it. So we’re 3 weeks out, and I’ve tried to get him to register for the Ortega River Run. No go. Well…Acosta will be our next option. As long as he’s moving forward we might just be able to finish before the water stops are shut down. We’ll see.

Tips and Tricks for teen running.

  • Afternoon runs. I can’t wake mine up before 9:00 so be flexible. After school after he has a snack he’s ready to go. Wear a headlamp or runner lights on your clothing so distracted drivers can see you.
  • Let them be involved in the races you sign them up for. David swears I tricked him into this 15k(not true), so he chose to run the Donna family 5k with me. I have not pushed him into any other runs. Well maybe the Peachtree 10k in Atlanta.(he wants me to sign him up for the lottery).
  • Make it fun. Shopping for shoes and running clothes. Trying energy gels and fuel. David loves my Honey Stinger waffles and chews. By the way, you don’t have to break the bank. Getting fitted for shoes is important! Clothes? Target has a great selection of running clothes.
  • Start them out slow. It is okay if your teen runner walks. I strongly believe that some people are speedier than others. My youngest can keep up with me when I run a 90/30 at 10:00 and under pace. David, needs a slower pace. And that’s okay. Encourage and run their pace.
  • Talk, joke, laugh, sightsee. There are no video games or other distractions when you are running with your teen. Enjoy that time. Soon enough they’ll have friends and girlfriends they’d rather be with. This is a gift, treasure it.
  • Our finish line is in sight but our training journey continues.
  • So thankful for my training partner.
  • Remember it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey,