Why I have a love/hate relationship with the MM

Track time

Do you remember P.E. class in middle school and high school? I do. We had to wear one piece blue uniforms that I had to buy at Woolworth’s(yes, I’m dating myself). The top was stripes and the shorts were navy blue. If that wasn’t awful enough, once a year we had to do a fitness test. This included 30 sit ups, 30 second stationary chin ups, and a mile run. Since I was never encouraged to be athletic and was usually picked last to be on softball or basketball teams(I was actually quite good at soccer), I dreaded that time of year. I was able to do my sit ups, but I could never hang on for 30 seconds(maybe 10 seconds if I was lucky) for the stationary chin up, and then there was the mile run. Or the mile slog. I don’t remember my times but I know I would walk it more than I could run it. Went out too fast, struggled to catch my breath after 300m, got slower and slower, and walked the last 800m. Ugly memories. My cousins, with their short strong legs, were the runners/sprinters. Me, I was all legs and knees and elbows. In other words, a major klutz. All throughout my school years-nothing changed. I was a singer not a runner.

Fast forward 20 something years, and I’m trying to run for “fun”. Again, I can’t make it a mile but I keep trying. Eventually I get there. I actually love running and start marathon training with the Jax Galloway group. Then…our program directors tell us we have to run a magic mile. What?! OMG! Why?! Jeff Galloway our run/walk guru has us run the mile without puking and that will help determine what running group we’ll be put in to train injury free. This sounds like school again. But I do it,being paced by one of the alumni group leaders Bobby.

Tour de Pain 1 miler.

I don’t remember how I felt before or after, but I know I was glad it was done. Since then, I’ve done countless MM’s and I still dread them. I mean REALLY dread them. It’s gotten to the point where I do them on my own so the pressure is off during the MM training run. It’s silly really. I know I can run a mile. I’ve run TDP run series with a 1 miler just about every year since I started running. I have no idea why the MM stresses me out so. Then a BRF stated just this morning that the MM is just a mind game or just like a Navy fitness test, you know you can pass it but you want to do really well. It’s true. You stress and worry it and then boom! You get in the running zone and just like that, it’s done. Surprise! You did better than expected. Or…if you’re unhappy with your time you can try again. Crazy isn’t? You’re not being graded after all. Remember it’s just you against the clock. And after all it’s fun(just not when you’re doing it)!

Go out and run that mile!

Remember it’s about the journey not just the destination,


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