Month: August 2019

My love/hate relationship with FL weather

As runners who live in Florida know; Florida has Spring, Summer, more Summer, hotter than hell Summer, and a week or so of Winter. We are lucky that there is no snow or ice, but we have to deal with miles and miles with heat, humidity, and eventually chafing. So how do we deal with it?


Early runs deserve treats

What time is it?! As a Florida runner, you try to beat the sun when you run. That sometimes means running when most normal mortals are enjoying their slumber. Does it guarantee that it will be cooler-no! However 80 degrees is better than 96 degrees any day! There are other runners who need to get in those miles too so try to run with a group or buddy. Safety first.


It’s hot, you are flinging sweat like raindrops, you start to feel lightheaded or get a headache. Uh oh! Don’t get hydrated. Carry water, there are hydration systems to use, or set out some water and or Gatorade along your running route. If that’s not an option, know where you can get water. Public water fountains are an option. When I plan a route, I make sure I know where the water routes might be. Rookie mistake training for my 1st marathon, 18 mile run at the beach assuming there would be public water fountains. There weren’t. Thank goodness for Starbucks and Publix! Never doing that again. Dangerous and stupid-don’t be rookie me.

Watch Your Local Weather.

Rain? When was that suppose to happen?!(photo courtesy by Leslie W.)

FL weather can be fickle. Weather forecasters may predict sunny clear skies and Florida says, “not so fast…” and here comes rain or one part of the city is rainy and another part is bone dry. Be prepared! Runner’s must have’s: visor and sunglasses. If it’s sunny, you’re set. If it’s raining, you’re set too! If it’s thunder and lightning, get inside!!

Chafing Happens.

Heat, humidity , and running clothes means sweat. Even your most beloved race tank or tried and true bottoms can turn on you in a minute. Apply liberally before you run friction stick. Glide, Gold Bond Friction Defense, and even Vaseline work wonders. Don’t run without it! I have not noticed chafing issues when I bike, but when I run-ouch!

Listen to Your Body.

I know you have 23 miles to run, but it’s 10:00 a m and it’s hot and you’re starting to feel nauseous. Stop! There’s always another day to tackle that mileage. Or opt for the treadmill to finish up those miles. Important to notice if you’re not sweating, you feel light headed, you’re getting chills…all those are warning signs of heat distress. Stop! Rest. Cool off. You are not a wimp. Try again another day.

Fall marathons are nearly here! We can get through the suck together!

Remember it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey