Month: December 2019

I resolve to…

Chris at The Last Gasp 5k

The end of the teen decade is upon us. And it’s December 30th so everyone is thinking and talking of resolutions and fresh starts. My running journal began in July, so January 1st is just another day in my running week. So…

Why am I writing this? Well, I have goals that I am going to continue no matter what the calendar says. And so it continues…

I resolve to continue working out for me. Whether that’s a tempo run, cross training day, or long run it is on my own terms. Not because everyone else is at the gym or everyone else is doing it. I love the way I look and feel after a workout and that’s what’s important.

I resolve to take back my life. Too many people are dying at a young age. I want to enjoy my husband, my family, my friends while I can. Job? Stress? Social Media? Trying to keep up with everyone else is a waste of my time. Will any of that stuff matter? Will anyone remember me? Nope. But my family and my husband and my friends will. They need to be a priority. Everything else is secondary. No one knows what the new year or decade will have in store.

I resolve to accept who I am. I am not always happy, I get my feelings hurt, I laugh too loud, I am observant and introverted, I get annoyed and angry. Just like anybody. You never know what a person is going through. It’s been a rough year and it should get more difficult. I am not kidding myself. I wear my “mask” to get through the day or the week. Never assume you know someone. If you ask me, I’ll honestly tell you what I’m going through, some days it’s survival mode. And that’s okay. Facing hard times makes us stronger. I will try my best to square my slight shoulders and carry on.

I resolve to continue to encourage others. Whether it’s Jax Galloway, Girls on the Run, Zooma Challenges, or any other venues. As a teacher that’s my job so it’s second nature. As a person, we need to continue to help and encourage others that have been in your shoes(1st time Run/walking or training for a marathon or half marathon). Never forget your humble beginnings. Show gratitude and help others.

I resolve to continue to try to eat healthy and get regular checkups. Build up your temple one day at a time.

One more wake up until 2020. Wishing everyone peace and happiness.

Remember it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey,


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Before the Festival of Lights 5k

Space Coast Marathon weekend. It’s a time of year I love. Not because of running down in Cocoa Beach,even though I love the views of Indian River , but something more exciting. Winter Racing!

December, January, and finally February! The best races happen during those 3 short lived cooler weather months in Florida.


Reindeer Half Marathon and 5k. Set in beautiful Fernandina Beach, enjoy the views of downtown Fernandina, old town, and run through Fort Clinch state park as you finish just short of main beach. Each mile marker is a themed reindeer such a “Harry Potter”, “Night of the Living Dead”, or “Stitch” to name a few. Homemade cookies and chocolate milk refresh you at the end.

Festival of Lights 5k. This race is in the historic San Marco neighborhood of Jacksonville. Run with luminaries lighting the course and enjoy hot chocolate and holiday magic in the square. I usually don’t “race ” this one but love to run with my whole family. By the way, this was my first race way back in 2008.

Last Gasp 5k. A Smith family tradition since 2009. A beautiful cross country run on the Jacksonville University campus( my Alma Mater). Prices for JTC members are beyond reasonable with a quality sweatshirt as the race shirt. If you’re lucky to place in your age group, you get the ultimate prize-socks! I love mine! And the after party is awesome too!


Ameris Bank Marathon/Hal marathon.

Sometimes run in December, sometimes run in early January. The race begins at The Bolles School and run north for a mile and a half and then heads south towards Beauclerc and Mandarin. It is a shaded course and relatively flat(after all there are at least no bridges). Then you finish on Bolles track and soup and hot chocolate at the end. It’s the last race in the Tri2bTuff series.

Resolution Run 5k.

A Florida Striders race in Orange Park on River road. Beautiful views and a great way to kick off the new year.

Winter Beach Run. 5 miles? 10 miles? You choose. Run completely on the beach. Sometimes we get sleet but most times its warm-that’s Florida for you. It’s a different experience running on the soft sand so training is key. By the way, did I mention no shade? Wear a hat and sunscreen!


Breast Cancer Marathon weekend. 1 mile, 5k, half marathon, relay, or marathon. You pick your distance and enjoy! All proceeds go to the Donna Foundation to help families going through breast cancer and breast cancer research. A tour of Neptune, Atlantic, Jacksonville, and Ponte Vedra Beaches. One of the best races for crowd support.

Well there you have it, my picks in my running city. What is your favorite time of year? Why and what races are your favorites? Let me know. Whenever and whatever you choose, hope you get out there and enjoy!

Reindeer Run in beautiful Fernandina with friends

Remember it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey,