Month: January 2020

20 for 2020

I see more hikes in our future.

New decade, new resolutions, new 365 days to make it count.

Here’s some things I want to accomplish this next decade.

20. Get a highly effective observation. I’ve been working hard to improve my teaching, why not?

19. TRI an Olympic instead of a sprint. Always do something that scares you…yep that swim really scares me!

18. Travel to San Antonio Texas Riverwalk. Yes, it has been on my radar and now Chris is onboard.

17. Travel to Williamsburg for the Fall foliage. Been there during Spring and Summer,would love to see how different it could be in October or November.

16. Go back to my favorite city, NYC, and visit my old stomping grounds in Brooklyn. I want to have a real kniche, walk around Sheepshead Bay, and reminisce.

15. Ride down the Wonderwood Bridge on my road bike without braking once! Now that’s terror! Angela S. that one’s for you because you know I’m a big chicken.

14. Kayak McCoy’s Creek with my honey. I love discovering new places in Jacksonville. I promise not to splash you.

13. Win the JTC’s Grand Prix award for my AG. Okay everybody in my AG faster than me needs to move or this will never happen. I am getting slower and it’s annoying.

12. Go see Wicked, Hamilton, and The Nutcracker. I miss the theater and want to be able to go see more musicals and ballet.

11. Spend Christmas somewhere where there might be a chance of snow. Snow makes the season more magical. I am not a fan of Heat Miser.

10. Swimming and loving it in the ocean. Last time, I was in distress. This time I need to get over my fear and just do it. No excuses.

9. Run a marathon every 3 months. Not picky about where, but just want to see if I can. And time is not important-yet.

8. At least 3 out of 5 boys married. It’s a hope people, cut me some slack. Cross fingers and knock on wood.

7. Honda Odyssey Antique. I’ll leave it there. I don’t want another car payment. It could happen. I see 1980’s cars out there.

6. Keep on keeping on as a GOTR coach, Jax Galloway group leader, and a JTCR member. I plan to run until I’m 100. My heroes are Jeff Galloway and Joe Connelly. I want to keep on keeping on.

5. Grandkids please? My BRF Julie C. is a grandma at a youthful 50. Why not me. Again hoping for fruitful daughter in laws. No pressure.

4. 40 years in the next decade calls for a trip! Out West is Chris’ dream. That’s fine if we can go to Washington and British Columbia. I never have been beyond Tennessee so I’m game.

3. New home. Smaller. However we are not compromising on fireplace, den, or garage. I would love a second story but I don’t think Chris will go for it. Where? Hmm. San Marco, San Jose, Avondale/Ortega. We’ll see.

2. Empty Nest. Seeing my two youngest off to college will be a gift. Not because I want them gone but because I want them finding their future. FSU would be awesome but I’ll be happy wherever they go. Well…almost. I will not wear that gaudy orange(two teams come to mind).

1. Hike the AT. David graduates in 2024. I promised as his graduation gift I would hike the AT with him, so…my ultimate goal is to do it. 6 months.

Well there you go. Here’s to the next decade and the possibilities.

Decade gone by. Love my family.

Remember it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey,