This is a strange time for all of us. Usually it’s a far off place that gets hit with epidemics. Africa, China, England…but now this pandemic is effecting everyone. Rich, old, poor, young, nurses, priests, mothers, fathers, police officers…so many people. It’s scary and heartbreaking. We’re rushing around getting TP, flour, eggs, and people are even arming themselves! The news are full of doom and gloom and worse case scenario predictions. It’s frightening! Now at the darkest times, I want to point out the glimmers of light in all this darkness.

  • Laughter. The memes, the jokes, and the stories from social media still make me laugh or giggle. Laughter and humor is the best medicine during this dark time. Freely share it and enjoy it. Lighten up those of you who are offended. We so need a lighthearted moment or more.
  • Friends. Text, call ,connect through social media, FaceTime, or Zoom chat are just some ways to make a connection. Now is not the time to let these people go. Check on them frequently. Stress is real, depression can spike, and frustration may worsen. Keep those connections alive. You have no idea who might need you.

Missing my BRF’s! So thankful for social media so I keep up with them.

  • Signs of hope and kindness. Boosting each other’s spirits is appreciated and frankly needed at this time. Some examples that I’ve seen and heard of include: school parades by teachers to let their students know they are loved and missed, #rainbowhunt for kids(what a boost on my walk the other day), providing food for first responders, providing lunches and snacks for students, and shopping for older at risk neighbors. All these acts of kindness are a boost. Even through the darkest times, people care and value each other.
  • It’s the little things. That might be time with your loved one, a run, an online chat with your class(distance learning week 1!), or planting a vegetable garden. Things you took for granted before or might have never tried, but it’s the new reality. All these things and more can make us feel accomplished or better yet smile. Never lose sight of those little things. They can refresh your soul.

These are some of things I keep in mind when the days blur together, but certainly this list is not finished. I’d like to hear what you are grateful for. Share. Remember we’re all in this together, does anyone ever feel like breaking into song when they hear this phrase(High School Musical), and we will be stronger on the other side. Much love.

Remember it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey,



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