Marathon Training Step 1

Every journey begins with that one step.

Chris had knee surgery nearly 2 years ago. Since then he has not run as much as he use too. Before this surgery, Chris was a runner, a swimmer, a tennis player…he was running way before me. He ran a lot of Gate River Runs, he was a Galloway group leader, and even a marathoner. Now…

Nothing. So I did a thing, I dared him to run MCM this year. He laughed. “Sure honey ,”he said. I signed him up for the lottery. He didn’t think he was getting in-surprise! He got selected. Now what? Well, time for him to start training.

What does that mean?

First of all, this man of mine has to run/be active more than 1 time a week. He has to run/walk at least 3x’s during the week minimum per Jeff Galloway. Then he has to try to get his pace under 14:00. He has to lose weight(25-30 pounds), which hopefully will happen when he runs more. And lastly, he has to do all of this during Summer in FL. Sound impossible? Well…

Of course not! Don’t be a killjoy! With some hard work, he should be ready by late October. Progress has happened already. Last 2 runs, he has gotten to a 15:45 pace! Every bit is a celebration. Now if I can get his attitude to be as chippy. Stay tuned as I whip him and myself into shape(I’m in this with him too)!

Remember it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey,


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