Week 1…MCM training

Some days…

We have about 25 weeks to train for the Marine Corps Marathon, and this happens to be the real week 1. Chris has officially made me his trainer (he had a virtual doctor’s visit and told his doctor he has a trainer😂), and so I’m trying to get him down to running a 15:00 minute mile to start with. Easier said than done. However, he is trying every run he goes out on. Fastest: 15:10, slowest: 18:10. He ran 4x’s this week. 2 shorter tempo runs, 1 memorial run for #irunwithmaud, and then the long run. Some days he feels awesome and is talkative and smiling, and some days it’s a struggle. Today was a struggle but he didn’t quit-kudos to him!! However, he is getting out and doing it even when other people tell me “I’m too positive”. How can you be too positive?! Really people?! I don’t do grumpy.

So now his worry is his weight. Yes, he has some to lose, but once he gets that weekly exercise regime in gear the weight will start dropping off. It always does. I explained no skipping meals and no grazing(virtual learning helps me make sure he’s eating right). I know when Galloway runs start again, he’ll go with is runner friends again but until then…my special brand of training continues. Join in on the fun virtually and cheer him on(he does better when someone else is being his cheerleader). Stay tuned for week 2 on our journey of conquering summer marathon training!

Remember it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey,


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