Persevere When You Think You Can’t.

I can’t! I can’t! Words that make or break what we think we can or can not do. As our MCM training continues, Chris has been discouraged and has been using these words a lot. “…I can’t run that fast…, I can’t lose the weight…,I can’t do this workout today…” all of these statements might be valid, but they are not helping him turn it around. As I keep reminding him, you can but just not yet. Growth mindset. I read the book for school and my classroom this year which focuses on turning those negative mindsets and putting a positive spin on it. I remember my sweet co teacher from 3 years ago, Chrissy, who would always tell our kiddos “…you can’t do it yet but you will…”. I truly believe that. I believe Chris will just not yet. It’s too early in his training and he has a lot of bad habits to undo. Example: stop not eating lunch and then grazing right before dinner!

When Chris has been down on himself all this week, I remind him that all he’s trying to do doesn’t happen instantly but he has to work on it. I ran by my favorite running store this morning and a sign outside spoke to me-wishes don’t win races. Very true! You have to work and you have to work hard to accomplish your goals. Maybe not winning races but doing better than last time. Not everyone can be a Mozart where it just comes naturally. You work to get better. A sweet friend worked for 20 years to qualify for the Boston Marathon. It doesn’t happen overnight. I have to instill that in Chris’ brain so he doesn’t get discouraged all the time when he doesn’t see results.

One step at a time

This morning we were doing our long run of 8 miles, and we woke up later than expected. Heat and humidity are no joke in Florida. He woke up with a headache that he had all day yesterday. Still he got dressed and grabbed his Garmin and water. We started, I asked him how he was doing? “Terrible I feel like I’m going to puke.” Uh oh. Turn around? “No.” He kept going and going until all 8 miles were done. No complaining. Just one foot in front of the other getting his miles done. In my eyes, he’s such a trooper. I know with a little bit of time and patience he’ll knock out this training, lose that weight, and feel like a real runner again. However, he’s that to me already. I’m so proud of him!

Remember it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey, Mercedes

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